9-11 September 2019
Europe/Lisbon timezone

eBPF support in the GNU Toolchain

10 Sep 2019, 13:00
Jade/room-I&II (Corinthia Hotel Lisbon)


Corinthia Hotel Lisbon



Mr Jose E. Marchesi (Oracle Inc, GNU Project)


This proposal covers the ongoing effort about adding eBPF support to the GNU Toolchain.

Binutils support is already upstream [1]. This includes a CGEN cpu description, assembler, disassembler and linker. A GCC backend will be submitted for inclusion upstream before September.

Both the binutils and GCC ports will be briefly described, and then a list of points will be discussed with the kernel community, and also with the llvm people present.

The main goals of the sessions are:
1) to ensure the port is useful to the eBPF community and
2) to agree on ABI (with the kernel) and interoperability (with llvm.)

[1] https://sourceware.org/ml/binutils/2019-05/msg00306.html

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Primary author

Mr Jose E. Marchesi (Oracle Inc, GNU Project)

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