9-11 September 2019
Europe/Lisbon timezone


Toolchains MC

10 Sep 2019, 10:00
Jade/room-I&II (Corinthia Hotel Lisbon)


Corinthia Hotel Lisbon



The goal of the Toolchains Microconference is to focus on specific topics related to the GNU Toolchain and Clang/LLVM that have a direct impact in the development of the Linux kernel.

The intention is to have a very practical MC, where toolchain and kernel hackers can engage and, together:

Identify problems, needs and challenges.
Propose, discuss and agree on solutions for these specific problems.
Coordinate on how to implement the solutions, in terms of interfaces, patches submissions, etc in both kernel and toolchain component.

Consequently, we will discourage vague and general "presentations" in favor of concreteness and to-the-point discussions, encouraging the participation of everyone present.

Examples of topics to cover:

Header harmonization between kernel and glibc.
Wrapping syscalls in glibc.
eBPF support in toolchains.
Potential impact/benefit/detriment of recently developed GCC optimizations on the kernel.
Kernel hot-patching and GCC.
Online debugging information: CTF and BTF

If you are interested in participating in this microconference and have topics to propose, please use the CfP process. More topics will be added based on CfP for this microconference.

MC leads
Jose E. Marchesi jose.marchesi@oracle.com and Elena Zannoni ezannoni@gmail.com

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