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Chris Wilson has been working on Cairo for a few years, doing all the boring bits such as testing and fixing the error handling as well as correcting many corner cases and gradually improving the performance of the library. Frustrated by the continuing lack of acceleration for much of the 2D rendering across the desktop, the time has come for him to leave the safe haven of Cairo and fix it. Or maybe he can do it all within Cairo…

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* The Battle for 2D Acceleration

The initial impetus for cairo-drm came from a desire to experiment with GEM on my i915, and a need to provide an acceleration architecture for the wayland system compositor. (wayland is a minimalistic compositor and input multiplexer that requires client-side rendering.) It proved very easy to incorporate a drm/i915 backend into cairo; first by adapting the existing EXA driver, then to extend it to provide full acceleration for all patterns and to accelerate some of cairo's higher level operations. (The i915 hardware does not seem amenable for offloading tessellation, which has limited just how much we can accelerate in the backend. On more capable hardware, such as the fully programmable i965, we should be able to achieve much more.)
X Window System 06/09/2009
Chris Wilson