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Casey Schaufler

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Casey Schaufler founded the Smack project in 2006 after an
especially heated debate with the SELinux developers on a
topic now long forgotten. He has been developing secure operating systems since the late 1980’s, starting the system that became Trusted Solaris and architecting Trusted Irix. He was the technical editor for the influential POSIX P1003.1e/2c security draft standard and worked as a member of the Trusted Systems Interoperability Group (TSIG), the source of the CIPSO IP protocol option. His development group at SGI proposed the initial LSM implementation.

Proposals for this user

* Smack and the Application Ecosystem

Our sample application is a commercial database server. It provides database services over the network using TCP connections. The security goal we're using Smack to address is the isolation of the database files from the users on the server. We'll cover two different ways to provide access to the database, allowing either remote or local users access to the services of the database while protecting the database itself.
Security 06/06/2009
Casey Schaufler