Modern Configuration API for Wireless Networking

Short Talk
Scheduled: Wednesday, September 23, 2009 from 10:00 – 10:25am in Salon E


The wireless extensions API is universally hated by wireless developers on both sides of the user/kernel divide. Fortunately the cfg80211 API is maturing as a modern alternative. What is needed is for drivers (both new and old) to adopt cfg80211 as their configuration mechanism so that the long wireless extensions nightmare can finally end.


This talk will describe the status of the cfg80211 API and what is being done to finalize it development and spread its adoption. It will discuss the features available both inside the kernel and to userland application as part of that API. Finally, it will talk about adapting drivers to the cfg80211 API and discuss what needs to happen to put a stake in the heart of the wireless extensions API for good.


networking, wireless, configuration


  • Linville

    John Linville

    Red Hat, Inc.


    John W. Linville is the current Linux kernel maintainer for wireless local area networking. John is employed by Red Hat, where his primary focus is wireless networking in the upstream kernel and the Fedora distribution. When not completely overwhelmed by these roles, John enjoys his role relaxing at home as a husband and father of three young children.

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