Travel Info


Attendees should fly into Portland International Airport (PDX), located less than 15 miles from the conference venue. Note that this is the airport for the city of Portland, Oregon, not the city of Portland, Maine. The airport is 50 minutes from the conference venue by public transit.


Portland has excellent mass transit and is a very bicycle and pedestrian-friendly city. The conference venue is located on mass transit lines, as are all of the recommended lodging options. Most of downtown Portland, including the conference venue and recommended lodging, is part of the Fareless Square, an area in which all public transit is free of charge. We strongly recommend that you use public transportation for city travel during the conference. If you do need to rent a car, all major car rental agencies are located at the airport.

If you are driving a car, note that in Oregon only gas station attendants are permitted to operate the fuel pumps.

Child Care

The Linux Plumbers Conference is not responsible for, nor is able to verify the quaility of caregivers provided by these agencies.

  • NW Nannies Inc – Nanny school with services including temporary and evening care for out-of-town visitors – (503)245-5288.
  • Auntie Fay Agency – (503)293-6252

General Travel Information