Speaker announcements update

The LPC Program Committee has made its first selections and speaker notifications are underway. The runners for the microconferences will be notifying their selected participants privately, and we expect to send out microconference announcements once that process completes.

We will also be notifying speakers selected for the General Track over the next two days.

However, please note that initial proposal acceptance does not imply travelĀ  funding has been approved! Travel and lodging funding decisions have not yet been made.

As you might imagine, the small pool of funds available to fund travel and lodging is being very competitively fought over. There might be some churn in program content due to lack of travel funding. We have a large roster of excellent speakers and while that is a blessing, it’s also a challenge to our budget.

We recommend that speakers register for the conference only when they receive the official notification from LPC along with instructions on the discount code to use during the registration process.

We’re very excited about the terrific program we have shaping up, and again, hope to see you all there whether as a speaker or as an attendee!

Stay tuned!